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Single wide range line source

High power handling

Ten dB of acoustic gain

More uniform sound

Eliminates floor and ceiling reflections

Distributed low frequency radiation

Less attenuation with distance


Startling coherence

Response stays the same at any listening height

Wide dispersion

Lower harmonic and  
IM distortion

Excellent transient response

Latest driver technology

Magnetic shielding

Small footprint

All the things you DON’T
get with the IDS-25

No image distortion
No subwoofer needed
No bi-amping or tri-amping
No bi-wiring or
No right and left hand versions
No woofers, mid-ranges, tweeters or crossovers




Roger Russell has devoted his life to the design of loudspeakers, crossover networks and cabinets. The culmination of these efforts is his most effective creation,
the IDS-25.

While the world struggles with ever increasingly complexity in systems, Roger has taken the road less traveled, simplicity. This direct path in speaker design is the result of two of Roger’s patents.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Patent Number 4,267,405:
Stereo Speaker Systems for Creating Stereo Images,
for Drivers Arranged in a Long Column

Patent Number 3,715,501:
The Use of Equalization to Compensate for
Natural Frequency Roll off of a Loudspeaker System


The IDS-25 is a single column of identical wide-range drivers that cover the entire frequency range. The entire frequency range radiates from the same line source.
There are no crossovers, woofers, mids or tweeters.


The new IDS-25 system is specifically designed to faithfully recreate all of the stereo information as it was recorded. It brings to the listener incredibly accurate details of the performance and artist's work, whether it is a recording of a traditional symphony orchestra or the exciting sounds of new age and smooth jazz that have no concert hall equal.


As a true lover of music, you will embrace a system that has greater accuracy and brings out all of the imaging, depth, spaciousness and coherence in the music. This defines the IDS-25. It is definitely a connoisseur system intended to be appreciated like fine wine; savored for what it will reveal.

As such a connoisseur, you realize that listening is the most enjoyable when your system possesses a dynamic range comparable to a live performance, the crescendo of an orchestra, the zip of a big band, the velvety softness of smooth jazz or the intimacy of your favorite vocalist. The reproduction characteristics of the IDS-25 remain completely faithful from the softest whisper to the cannons of the 1812.


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