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Single wide range line source

High power handling

Ten dB of acoustic gain

More uniform sound

Eliminates floor and ceiling reflections

Distributed low frequency radiation

Less attenuation with distance


Startling coherence

Response stays the same at any listening height

Wide dispersion

Lower harmonic and  
IM distortion

Excellent transient response

Latest driver technology

Magnetic shielding

Small footprint

All the things you DON’T
get with the IDS-25

No image distortion
No subwoofer needed
No bi-amping or tri-amping
No bi-wiring or
No right and left hand versions
No woofers, mid-ranges, tweeters or crossovers











IDS Equalizer 






The IDS-25 Loudspeaker Equalizer is designed specifically to complement the IDS-25 loudspeaker. Together, the speaker and equalizer make the complete IDS-25 system. The contour is unique for the IDS drivers, including their arrangement in a long column.

The circuit contains high-speed op-amps, film capacitors and metal film resistors. A mode switch is included to allow the user to leave the equalizer connected to the system but electrically flat in response, in case a different speaker is being used.

Response is electrically flat at the OUT position.

The mode selector must be at the IN position when the IDS-25 system is used.

Both balanced and unbalanced connectors provided for inputs and outputs.
A line voltage switch is also provided for 120V and 240V. The AC 3-wire line cord is removable.



Equalizer Specifications


     Frequency response

20Hz to 20 kHz



     Harmonic distortion

less than .01% at I KHz



    Signal to noise ratio

better than 110 dB



     Input Impedance

50k ohms



     Output load capability

500 ohms minimum



     Output impedance

50 ohms



     Maximum input voltage

8.8 V rms



     Maximum output voltage

8.8 V rms



     Power requirements

120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 10W




17” Wide, 8.5” Deep and 2.8” High




All metal cabinet, white legend



     Weight (net)

9 lbs



     Front panel Controls:


     Mode switch


     Power switch




     Rear panel Connectors:


     Unbalanced in and out

RCA phono

     Balanced in and out

XLR type



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