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Single wide range line source

High power handling

Ten dB of acoustic gain

More uniform sound

Eliminates floor and ceiling reflections

Distributed low frequency radiation

Less attenuation with distance


Startling coherence

Response stays the same at any listening height

Wide dispersion

Lower harmonic and  
IM distortion

Excellent transient response

Latest driver technology

Magnetic shielding

Small footprint

All the things you DON’T
get with the IDS-25

No image distortion
No subwoofer needed
No bi-amping or tri-amping
No bi-wiring or
No right and left hand versions
No woofers, mid-ranges, tweeters or crossovers





October 2006

The IDS 25 officially made its National debut at the 2006 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Room 1104. The speakers were placed on the wide wall so that more listeners could experience the Image, Depth and Spaciousness of this fabulous speaker at the same time. Throughout the three day event, seldom did the room see only a couple of listeners at a single time, usually it was packed and people marveled at the absence of a sweet spot. As visitors left others moved from the wings to the center, over and over again exclaiming in awe that the move was unnecessary. Visitors even stood on the chairs to satisfy themselves that the sound didn't change from the floor level whether seated, standing or even perched near the ceiling.


The favorite samples of the show were vocal selections by Jacintha and Fairfield Four, dynamic demonstrations of the Eric Kunzel's classic 'Fanfare for the Common Man' where the power hungry timpani sections consumed no more than 40 watts and Gary Karr's 'Oh Holy Night' bowed bass resonated down the length of the hall. Ronnie Earl showed off his Stratocaster and the Hammond B3 in 'Around Midnight', Keith Jarrett did 'If I were a Bell' and 'Local Announcements' by Wynton Marsalis rounded out the provided highlights.

During the show more than 300 listener provided selections were played, allowing visitors to experience their favorite selections on this incredible speaker system. More than thirty people made no less than four repeat visits, and over fifty returned at least twice to re-experience the IDS25.

We thank all the visitors to the show who took time and lauded us with so many compliments regarding the speaker systems performance. The most rewarding aspect of the entire experience was the compliments of the system performance no matter what the source material or type of music the visitor enjoyed most. That is the reason the IDS25 was designed and built.

We also extend our thanks to McIntosh Labs who graciously provided a pair of 501 amps and a 1000 CD transport.

We rounded out our demo equipment with the McIntosh 1000 D/A converter and the 300 Music Server which was loaded with nearly 600 various CD's and limited edition vinyl selections. We used a 13" LCD video monitor for fast access to the stored music selections.














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